Voter Registration 2014

There are over 8,000 Asian Americans in Oakland who have not yet registered to vote. Please spread the word and educate others to show that Asian American votes matter as there is an upcoming election in November 2014. C.A.C.A. Oakland Lodge volunteers have joined in the efforts of Asian Pacific Environmental Network to register voters. To register, visit: (for English) (for Chinese)


Secretary of State - Register to Vote 新選民

Fourth of July Celebration with Seniors

C.A.C.A. Oakland Lodge's Annual Senior Luncheon and Independence Day Celebration was held at Lincoln Community Center on July 4, 2014. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped the Oakland Lodge entertain and feed the 300 elderly people who attended.

Oakland Lodge Scholarships Awarded

This year's C.A.C.A. Oakland Lodge's 102nd Anniversary and Scholarship Award Banquet was held on June 21, 2014 at Golden Peony Restaurant in Chinatown. This year's scholarship winners include Desmond Cao, Katie Chang, Tiffany Huang, Van Huynh, Shannon Lin, Janice Liu, Lawrence Luo, Terence Tang, and Yandi Wu. The Oakland Lodge would like to thank the local organizations and C.A.C.A.'s National Board for their attendance at this year's celebration and ongoing support. Click here to view the article at the Worldjournal site.

Oakland Lodge Installed 2014 Officers

Convention Recap

A Message from President Christina Yu . . .

Greetings! It is my honor to serve as President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Oakland Lodge for the year 2014. My time spent working for C.A.C.A. dates back over 10 years and it has been a pleasure working amongst brothers and sisters who serve our community so generously.

As an Oakland native, I am proud to be a part of an organization that has served its community faithfully for more than 100 years. Currently, the C.A.C.A. Oakland Lodge sponsors weekly line dancing and Tai Chi classes at the Lincoln Community Center in Chinatown that is free to the public, an annual Independence Day Celebration serving free lunches to over 300 elderly citizens in Chinatown, a scholarship program awarding 9 college-bound high school students in Alameda County annually, and local students to participate in Asian Students in Action, a national youth leadership conference. Especially since this is an election year, the Oakland Lodge will continue its efforts to educate and register eligible voters to further community involvement in matters that effect them.

As President, I will continue our mission to empower Chinese Americans by defending American citizenship, improving educational opportunities, promoting political involvement, and preserving historical and cultural traditions. I look forward to working with you and continuing C.A.C.A.'s legacy to better the general welfare of Chinese Americans.